Polygon Shield

polygon shield tutorial

Where is the polygon shield?

Config metamask to polygon network

1.Open your Metamask "Expand view"

2.Click "Settings"

3.Click "Networks"

4.Click "Add Network"

5.Fill configuration

Network Name: Matic Mumbai

New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network

Chain ID: 0x89

Block Explorer URL: https://polygon-explorer-mainnet.chainstacklabs.com

6.Click "Save"

How to use it?

1.Register a Suter account or Login to your Suter account.

a.Click "CONNECT WALLE" to connect to your Metamask wallet

b.Select the token you wish to transfer privately via Suter network.

c.If you have not registered an account before, click on Register.

d.You could either choose “Private Key Generator” or “Pick Your Own Key”. If you select the “Private Key Generator” item, the key generator will automatically generate the secret key for you.

e.Click on “Copy And Next”. Paste your private key under “Input Your Private Key” and “Confirm Your Private Key”. Check the box next to “I choose a sufficiently random Suter Account private key. I will be responsible for its security”. Then click on “Register” and approve the request in your Metamask wallet. Meanwhile, the website will download a text file, which will be your private key. Please keep it in a safe place, or better yet make a physical copy of your private key and safely destroy the text file.

f.You could also choose to “Create by yourself”. Please make sure your private key is sufficiently random. We require your private key to be at least 16 characters long, at most 64 characters long and contain at least one lowercase letter and one number. In theory, any string of numbers and letters can be used to generate your Suter account, even a simple password such as "123456", but this is extremely insecure, please do not do this. For the safety of your Suter account, please keep your private key in a safe place.

g.If you have already registered an account, you could either copy the password from the downloaded text file generated by the key generator, or you could type in your password in the “Input Your Private Key” frame, and click on “Login” and you will successfully log into your Suter account.

2.Stake your token to the Suter Shield smart contract and get an anonymized version of your token.

a. Select the token you wish to transfer privately.

b.Input your private key and login.

c. Enter the amount of tokens you want to stake (the unit of measurement is Unit, the unit ratio for each token is different, please refer to Suter Shield Q&A: Why Suter Shield’s tokens use Unit as the unit of measurement).

d. After the above steps are completed, your Suter account will display the updated Suter token amount in units, and the native token amount in your Ethereum account will decrease correspondingly. The Suter token, which is the anonymized version of the native token are usually presented as “s”+the name of the native token. For example, ETH will be sETH in Suter network, and USDT will be sUSDT, Suter will be sSUTER.

3.Transfer your Suter token.

a. Select the token you wish to transfer privately.

b. Login to your Suter account.

c. Enter the amount of Suter token and the receiver Suter account public key to transfer.

4.Withdrawal (Burn) your Suter token

a. Connect your Metamask wallet

b. Select the token you wish to transfer privately.

c. Login to your Suter account.

d. Enter the amount of Suter token in units you wish to withdrawal.

e. The amount of Suter token in your Suter account will be reduced by the entered amount, and the same amount of token minus fee will be returned to your Ethereum account.

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