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Suter Shield is a product that allows the user to invoke the private payment functionality provided by the Suterusu protocol. Currently, Suter Shield is deployed on both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. A user who intends to protect the payment privacy of any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token says USDT could run Suter Shield to launch a private payment to hide the payment trace.


  1. Suter Shield ETH: Users may refer to this link: for the tutorial on running Suter Shield ETH.

  2. Suter Shield BSC: Users may refer to this link: for the tutorial on how to run Suter Shield BSC.

Use Cases

Suter Shield is a fundamental infrastructure for building privacy-preserving decentralized finance. Many interesting privacy-preserving DeFi applications can be built on top of Suter Shield — such as insurance, borrowing, lending, etc. For more details on this, the readers are encouraged to read this medium article:

TTV-based Privacy mining

Suter Shield launched “Privacy Mining" on March 15, 2021. The mining program and the method of mining-reward distribution are specifically tailored to the Suter Shield products. You can find the info regarding how to join the privacy mining program from this video:

We encourage users to try out our product by entering the mining program. Unlike other DeFi mining programs, Suter Shield's privacy mining does not lock the user's tokens. Instead, it encourages the users to withdraw their tokens from the network anytime they wish.

Users can increase their computing power each time they initiate a fund transaction, and how the individual computing power is calculated is entirely independent of whether the deposited tokens are immediately withdrawn or not. We encourage users to continuously "fund (deposit)" and "burn (withdraw)" as many times as they wish to get more familiar with our product.

For each withdrawal operation, we will charge a 1% service fee proportional to the withdrawal amount. If the user launches a transfer operation between the deposit and withdrawal, an extra 20% of the gas fee will be charged as the transfer fee. We should note that the transfer operation is unnecessary for the privacy mining program; all you need to do is fund and burn operations for the mining program.


This is a unique innovation of our project in token economics.

The total amount of Suter Shield privacy mining rewards is 100 million SUTERs, and the whole program lasts approximately three months. Around 150 SUTERs are released per block for the BSC program, and about 4.32 million SUTERs are produced daily — all of which are used as the "privacy mining" reward. The first phase supports BNB and BUSD as the mining currency. The two mining pools each account for 50% of the computing power. We will support new currency mining later, such as a USDT/SUETR LP token and other currency mining, and will adjust the reward distribution accordingly.

For example, if you join the mining program with 10 BNB, the service fee is 0.1 BNB. If the total transaction volume of the BNB mining pool is 10,000 BNB, your computing power would be one-thousandth of the computing power of the BNB mining pool. If the BNB mining pool reward for each block is 75 SUTER, the reward you get in this block is 0.075 SUTER and the expected annualized reward is 788,400 SUTER. Assuming that the current price of SUTER is 0.008 U and the current price of BNB is 270 U, the annualized net TRY% is

Please note that the expected TRY depends on the real-time transaction volume and token price. Even if the total transaction volume is 10 times that of the above example, 100k BNB, the annual TRY involved in mining will still be as high as 232.6%.

Also note that SUTER was already fully diluted in January, and the tokens of all the private investors have been unlocked. The tokens of the team will not be unlocked for one year. The current staking participation rate of the original proof-of-stake exceeds 90%.


We have another exciting design here, which is Suter Multiplier. Users may stake a certain amount of SUTER tokens for three months, and they can get up to an additional 50% of individual computing power. In the above example, the user staking 1 million Suter would get a multiplier factor of 1.5. All things being the same, the annual TRY using 10 BNB to participate in mining would be 34940%.

Smart Contracts and Auditing Reports

Ethereum Mainnet

Suter Token: 0xAA2ce7Ae64066175E0B90497CE7d9c190c315DB4

Suter Shield ETH Privacy Pool Address: 0x02b4E089E96a0A672dE0a0d93E2869B899b15a44

Suter Shield Suter Privacy Pool Address: 0xaB4e72599E2CeC5dcC8249657833B3408905900e

Suter Shield USDT Privacy Pool Address: 0x29abF1a011cdfb9548Dc8FaA6d19b1B39808bf58

Suter Shield DAI Privacy Pool Address: 0x54A8e0C76Eec21DD30842FbbcA2D336669102b77

Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

Suter Token: 0x4cfbbdfbd5bf0814472ff35c72717bd095ada055

Suter Shield BNB Privacy Pool Address: 0x2A00d7d2de1E147a3BCAa122B4EC5D6f9F0c1147

Suter Shield BUSD Privacy Pool Addess: 0xe557c77Ed24df7cDF21ED55a8C56Ea36CeBD5BD2

Suter Shield CAKE Privacy Pool Address: 0x8cc4c8529c0D8bb9B9FA197530d656cCBcB88DeB

Suter Shield BAKE Privacy Pool Address: 0x9D529c70fD8e072786b721190f6E6B30e433690a

Suter Shield Contract Audit Report

Suter Shield's smart contract has already been audited by Peckshield, the world's leading blockchain security, and here is the audit report:

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