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Q1. What is the difference between SUTER and xSUTER tokens?

xSuter is a BEP-20 token developed for the Suterusu protocol, which is the multi-chain layer-2 private payment infrastructure for smart contract platforms. The Suterusu protocol charges its users fees, that will be accrued to the xSuter fee pool, which will later be shared among the xSuter token holders.

Holding xSuter is the only way to participate in the Suterusu service revenue sharing program. You can always be one of the community members who receive a piece of Suter Shield service fee by holding and locking xSuter when the fee is distributed.

On the other hand, Suter is the governance token of Suterusu project. The Suter holders will be able to participate in DAO voting, stake Suter in the anonymity mining program and receive xSuter token etc.

Suter token will also be used to pay for the gas fee of our privacy service such as fair auction and MEV resistant DEX etc.

Q2. What are the contract addresses of SUTER and xSUTER?

SUTER contract: Ethereum (ERC20): 0xAA2ce7Ae64066175E0B90497CE7d9c190c315DB4 Binance Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x4CfbBdfBd5BF0814472fF35C72717Bd095ADa055

xSUTER contract xSuter is only available on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token.

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x822D04D22f962d6132f53b0FA6b9409097D12550

Q3. Where can I buy the SUTER token

You can buy SUTER (ERC20) on DEX such as Uniswap V3, and CEX such as MEXC, Gate, ZT, Kucoin. You can buy the SUTER (BEP20) on PancakeSwap V2.

Q4. Where can I buy the XSUTER token?

You get buy xSUTER on CEX such as Hoo or DEX such as Pancake Swap V2

Q5. Is there any difference between SUTER ERC20 and BEP20?

The main difference is erc20 Suter is the token run on the Ethereum blockchain while bep20 Suter runs on the bsc blockchain.

The sum of erc20 Suter token and bep20 Suter token has a constant upper bound, which is 10 Billion.

Q6. How do I convert my SUTER ERC20 tokens to BEP20 and vice versa?

If you have ERC-20 Suter token in your wallet, you can either use Suter Bridge ( or you can send your token to Mxc exchange to convert to its BEP-20 format.

You can find the tutorial on the website ( on how to convert between ERC-20 and BEP-20 Suter tokens.

Q7 Is SUTER on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko?

Yes it is.

Coin Market Cap:


Q8 Is xSUTER on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap?

Yes it is.

Coin Market Cap:

CoinGecko (Preview only):

Q9. Where can I stake by SUTER?

At the moment, the Suterusu project does not have any Staking program. Some CEX might have occasional staking promotions. We will announce the news on our social media channels when there are such opportunities.

Q10. Where can I stake by xSuter?

At the moment, the Suterusu project does not have any Staking program. Some CEX might have occasional staking promotions. We will announce the news on our social media channels when there are such opportunities.

About the Project

Q11. Where can I find your White Paper and Yellow Paper?

White Paper:

Yellow Paper:

Q12. Are you guys audited?

Suterusu protocol and Mining contract has been audited by PeckShield, a leading auditing firm, The auditing report from the PeckShield can be found here:

Q13. What is the tokenomics of SUTER.

SUTER is already fully diluted in January 2021, and the tokens of all the private investors have been unlocked.

The tokens of the team will not be unlocked before the middle of 2022. The current staking participation rate of the original POS exceeds 90%.

Q14. Where can I learn about the tokenomics of xSUTER.

You can find the information here:

Q15. What is Suter Shield’s Economic Model?

Suter Shield charges an additional 20% handling fee of the current gas fee of the Transfer function. Suter Shield will also charge 1% of the withdrawal amount as the service fee.

All these service fees will be accrued to the service fee pool and distributed to all xSuter holders via the xSuter auction program.

Q16. Why does Suter Shield charge transaction fee?

All the fees charged by the Suter Network, including the withdraw/burn fee (1% of withdrawal amount) and transfer fee (20% of Gas fee) will be 100% shared with xSuter holders.

As mentioned in the above answers, one can get the xSuter token by staking Suter tokens (when such program is open) or you could purchase the xSuter token from the exchange.

The transaction fee model helps solidify the role of Suter token as a governance token, and it also gives the Suter holders a sense of community and promotes a virtuous cycle to build a healthy ecosystem around the Suter and xSuter tokens.

Q17. What can I find more information about the project? You can learn more about us via the following platforms and social media channels.





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Technical Support

Q18. Who do I contact when I have technical issues?

For example, when I encounter issues using the Suter Shield and the Suter Bridge?You can contact the admins of our telegram group and they will refer your questions to our team.

Telegram (Support):



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