Suter DAO

What is Suter DAO?

Suter DAO is an autonomous organization of the Suterusu Protocol. The community can improve the economic model, rate, burn mechanism, etc. of the Suterusu protocol through proposals.

How to submit a proposal?

You can click on [Submit a proposal] on the top navigation to edit and publish your proposal. To submit a proposal you are required to lock 3 million SUTER tokens, which can only be withdrawn in seven days. After a proposal is submitted, it takes seven days before the next proposal can be submitted. 3 million SUTER tokens are used to prove your qualification to submit the proposal, and the locked tokens can no longer be used to vote before being unlocked. After the proposal is published, you can no longer modify it. The team might polish its content and format (both Chinese and English versions). After the proposal is published, you can check the status of the proposal in the [The proposal I initiated] list on the homepage.

How many phases can a submitted proposal have? What does each phrase mean?

Pending: The proposals need to be reviewed before they can be voted. The pending phase aims to prevent the users from uploading information such as pornographic content, insulting message, etc. In addition, a submitted proposal might be written in a particular language that needs to be translated into Chinese or English version, and it also takes time for both the domestic and foreign communities to join the voting process. The voting on your proposal will start as long as it is legit.
Rejected: The proposal might be rejected if it contains illicit information such as pornography, insult, or extremely absurd proposal.
Voting: The community is voting on your proposal. Adopted: The proposal has been approved by the community and is waiting for the team to execute. Executed: The proposal has been approved and implemented by the team. Failed: The proposal is not approved (The majority votes NO) Nullified: Because the total number of participating votes has not reached 30 million, and the proposal has been nullified due to insufficient participation.

How long does the whole process last?

After the proposal is approved, the status will change to "Voting", which will last for four days. You can vote at any time during the entire four days, or you can vote on the same proposal multiple times. You can check your voting records in the [Personal Voting History] list on the detail page.

When can you withdraw the locked token for the voting?

You can unlock and withdraw your token as soon as the voting phase completes.
Last modified 5mo ago